Peru July 2022

Jul. 15 2022 — Jul. 25 2022

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Huaraz to High Andes, Peru
David Sealy
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Peru July 2022

Jul. 15 2022 — Jul. 25 2022

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Trip Description:

The team will depart Atlanta and fly into Lima on July 16th. The team will then travel overnight to the town of Huaraz in the High Andes. This is an eight hour drive. The first day in Huaraz, will be spent getting adjusted to the high altitude, packing medicines and seeing the sights of Huaraz (Swiss Alps of Peru).

The clinics will begin the following day. We anticipate using four or five clinic sites and having 5 days of clinics. This trip will also have an evangelistic component and will be bringing a small group of members from a local church in Lima to work as counselors for those treated at the clinic site. The purpose of the outreach is two-fold: we will display mercy through the use of medicine and work with the local pastors to see various mission works established and/or strengthened in nearby Quechua villages.

We may visit Yungay which can be remembered as the town that was wiped away by a landslide. At the time of the earthquake in 1970 a huge piece of ice broke off the top of the Huascaran and caused a massive landslide which killed thousands of people and completely destroyed the beautiful adobe town. The new Yungay was constructed with international aid at a safer location just above the original site.

The team will be traveling and staying at an altitude of approximately 10,500 ft. Some team members may experience altitude sickness although this is generally mild. Older team members should be cautious due to heart problems associated with the high altitude. We anticipate seeing approximately 300 persons per day with many disorders. Minor surgeries, injections for arthritis of all joints and routine acute medical care will be rendered. We will be coming alongside local churches as part of the ministry there. We have a clean facility in which to work and a very comfortable hotel in which to stay. The location is spectacularly beautiful and the climate very temperate (40-70 deg).

This will be Dr. Dave Sealy's 15th trip to Peru as the team leader. He has participated in 29 VIMM trips since 1991. Dr. Sealy is the Founder of the Sports Medicine Fellowship at Self Regional Healthcare Family Practice Residency in Greenwood, South Carolina; Full Professor at MUSC, AHEC; and former Head Team Physician at Lander University. He has been married to Ann for 40 years and has six really great kids with 13 grands.

**Note: all medical personnel must submit a copy of their passport, medical license, CV or resume, and diplomas to the VIMM office approximately three months prior to the trip. This will enable us to have Peruvian medical recognition and licenses. Non-medical personnel must submit a copy of their passport.

**Note: On October 4, 2021, the Department of State announced that the Travel Advisory for Peru has decreased from Level 3 “Reconsider Travel” to Level 2 “Exercise Increased Caution” corresponding with the CDC Level 2 Travel Health Notice for Peru due to the moderate level of COVID-19 in the country.

Huaraz to High Andes, Peru